For Provider Organizations

Improve quality of care, by supercharging the clinician journey.

Deliver exceptional patient outcomes in a way that saves your clinicians and your teams valuable time.

Support clinicians. Automate clinical tasks throughout the entire journey – including pre-charting, care planning, note generation, and more.
Eliminate IT blockers. Build custom EHR-integrated pathways and assistants on your ideal timeline without requiring vast amounts of resources.
Streamline reimbursement and lower costs. Incorporate digital pathways, protocols, orders, HCC coding, CDI checks and more into the clinical workflow.

Avo is not just any clinical decision support tool - it’s a clinician support platform that empowers organizations to effortlessly standardize care in a way clinicians love.

We do that by:

Identifying Your Goals

We help our customers drive adoption of their unique protocols, reduce costs, increase reimbursement potential, streamline ordering and referrals, and improve clinician wellbeing.

Collecting Your Content

We collect your content and upload them to our Knowledge Base where they can be transformed into digitally accessible tools at the point-of-care.

Building Your Ideal Solutions

We use our modular Avo Builder platform to create Clinical Pathways and Assistants that allow clinicians to generate chart synopses, clinical plans, orders, and templated notes within minutes by pulling from various sources like - the patient chart, ambient voice recordings, and guidelines.

Implementing & Analyzing Results

We use our deep analytics capabilities to deliver insights that help drive informed change at your organization, such as - top performing pathways and tools, active users by individual and department, and more.

Avo in Action

Clinicians admitted patients to the Emergency Department more quickly when using Avo at a large integrated health system in the U.S.

Why work with Avo?

Avo's Clinician Support Platform
Simple to customize and quick to deploy
Easy to maintain without IT resources
Versatile with many applications
Integrated into the EHR, web-app or mobile
Saves clinicians time (with love, not alerts)
Empowers clinicians with innovation
Other Clinical Decision Support Tools
Requires months of IT resources to build / deploy
Difficult to maintain with IT resourcing needed
Point-solutions that are limited in use cases
Not truly "integrated" into the workflow
Slows down clinicians and annoys them with alerts
Increases clinician burnout with technical burden