For Life Sciences

Drive guideline-directed medical therapy at the point of care.

Clinicians are overwhelmed with information. It’s time to simplify the way they access evidence in their workflow.

Close care gaps. Improve disease detection and advance evidence-based care by empowering HCPs to more easily identify patients with clinical care gaps in the EHR.
Captivate clinicians. Enhance your HCP engagement strategy by surfacing evidence to HCPs in ways that save them time across clinical workflows.
Discover insights. Leverage high-level insights on how HCPs are interacting with society and academic guidelines to better inform your medical education strategies.

Avo’s clinical decision support platform effortlessly transforms medical evidence into simple tools in the EHR, empowering clinicians to more consistently deliver guideline-directed care.

We do that by:

Identifying Your Goals

We help identify care gaps in patient populations and elevate your team’s ability to address those gaps with the latest in clinical decision support and AI technology at the point-of-care.

Digitizing Evidence with Leading Partners

We embed society, academic, and KOL guidelines into the workflow of HCPs via the EHR, leveraging our 25+ content partnerships to create useful tools that save HCPs time in their everyday tasks.

Integrating Point of Care Tools

We partner with Life Sciences teams to compliantly disseminate EHR-integrated tools across healthcare delivery networks.

Delivering Valuable Insights

We use our analytics capabilities to deliver high-level insights on HCP guideline adherence and behaviors to help improve disease and treatment awareness strategies.

Avo in Action

Clinicians used guidelines more frequently thanks to implementing Avo at one of the largest freestanding pediatric health systems in the U.S

Why work with Avo?

Avo's Clinician Support Platform
Transforms evidence into relevant and actionable clinical tools available directly in the EHR.
Combines evidence with time-saving features like auto-note generation, chart synopsis, care gap identification, and ordering to avoid alert fatigue and IT burnout.
Simple to deploy, customize and maintain without requiring health system IT. A single pathway can be deployed in less than an hour thanks to Avo’s “no code” builder.
Industry Challenges
50% of all U.S. physicians say that no pharma company is providing quality scientific content online.1
Nearly 63% of U.S. physicians experience burnout from administrative burden and IT requirements.2
A standard clinical pathway process that should take a few weeks at most typically takes months due to IT resourcing requirements.3
1. Manhattan Research Taking the Pulse U.S. 2017 study
2. AMA’s 2022 National Burnout Benchmarking Report
3. Bartlett, Allison H et al. 2023 “Use of clinical pathways...”