Go beyond supporting decisions. Support clinicians.

Our tools are proven to improve outcomes and reduce costs - all while alleviating burnout.

Avo brings thousands of pages of static medical documents and decision trees to life so they get adopted at the point-of-care.

Avo Pathway

Standardize care with easy-to-use digital pathways (algorithms) and calculators available in the EHR, web browser, and mobile.


Library of 150+ society and academic institutional guidelines digitized into an actionable format.


Library of 50+ top clinical calculators.

Knowledge Base

Information warehousing of your unique guidelines and protocols, customizable with Avo Builder.

Custom Builds

Transformation of your guidelines and protocols into actionable clinician tools by our informatics experts.


Dashboards on algorithm and calculator usage to guide your education and adoption strategy.

Many EHRs Integrations Available

Quick one-time install in your EHR | Once live, no IT necessary for maintenance and updates | SMART-on-FHIR

Avo Builder

Create, customize, and deploy clinical pathways and assistants with zero technical resourcing once Avo is live.


Use Avo’s customizable templates, EHR data-pulling functionality, and AI features, to create tools that work for your organization.


Enhance team collaboration and simplify the review process by verifying with your teammates in Avo Builder.


Provide instant access to your tools and make seamless updates as you receive feedback and as medical evidence evolves.

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